Can I Buy Business Cheques From Someone Other Than The Bank?

19 April 2010

The short answer is YES, but lets learn a little bit about what your bank is really doing behind the scenes.

Many small businesses continue to purchase there companies manual cheques and computer cheques directly through their financial institutions. Often businesses dont realize that they are not required to purchase cheques from the bank, as in almost all instances the bank doesn’t actually manufacture the cheques themselves.

The banks have an agreement in place with Davis & Henderson, the banks receive commissions from D&H on every order you place through them. So ordering cheques from the bank is actually forcing you to support a very large corporation that has been around since 1875.

No there is nothing wrong with supporting big businesses, most small businesses hope to become larger themselves, but aren’t you already paying enough to your bank in services fees, transaction fees and other fees already?

Obviously we offer a solution to the banks, and we offer a savings as well, the banks supplier on their own website tells us they have over 2 million canadian businesses as clients.

We cant offer cheaper cheques on a dollar to dollar basis becuase we dont have the volume that the bank does, but we are able to match their prices, give you more security features for FREE, provide 25% more laser cheques or 50% more manual cheques on each order you place and let y ou earn AIR MILES (R) reward miles as well.

If youd like to support a small business and save money at the same time, we think we offer you a solution.