Self seal double window envelopes are most commonly used by businesses for mailing out payroll and payables cheques to employees and suppliers. Our self seal envelopes are custom printed and are constructed using good, high quality paper products. We have designed them to withstand the rigors of traveling through the postal system while still protecting the contents inside. Self seal double window envelopes have been around for many years and our custom size envelopes with custom double window envelope positions were designed to be one of the most practical and durable in the industry.

Our self seal cheque envelopes allow our customers to mail out cheques. And the window positions allow us to print your custom logo on the top left corner of your cheques which we position to show in the middle of the top double window. Then your software prints the Payee cheque details that will show in the lower double window. This reduces your need to mail out cheques in more expensive #10 Single Window Envelopes that are printed with your logo and address. Some of our existing customers used to use self inking stamps to add their company name and address on plain envelopes, which does not look professional and often the ink would smudge.

The self sealing ability of our double window envelope means you get a tight, secure seal that protects the contents of your envelope. Gone are the days of having to lick or add tape in order to securely seal the envelopes. When you purchase self seal double window envelopes in quantities of 250, 500 or more you can know that the envelopes we will ship you will have high quality self sealing properties to keep your cheques safe and secure while in transit.

Self Seal Double Window Envelopes are perfect for businesses of all types that use software programs such as Sage 50 (Simply Accounting) and Intuits Quicken, Quickbooks or Quickbooks Online (QBO). When you use a software program that prints laser cheques (computer cheques) you get the benefit of not having to purchase more expensive Printed Single Window Envelopes. Our self seal envelopes are created to work seamlessly with these printed cheques. The top window allows the Company name & address we print on your cheques to show through. And the lower second window allows the Payee or Employee details to show through.

Our Self Seal Envelopes are created without the need of a peel off strip. The envelopes also are custom manufactured with the flap already in the Open position making ours easier to use than our competitors. Just stuff and close the flap and the glue will firmly seal the envelope, allowing for a secure seal.

In addition to being a secure way to send cheques in the mail you can also save money when purchasing larger amounts of self seal envelopes, as the cost per envelope drops as the quantity you order increases helping you reduce your costs to keep your business running.