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If you are still placing your business cheque or personal cheques orders directly through CIBC (Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce) you are receiving a lower security cheque product for a higher price then you need to pay. CIBC is not a cheque manufacturer. There cheque printing is all outsourced to Davis & Henderson (D+H) who has recently outsourced their call centre overseas. In addition to outsourcing all their call they have also taken steps to reduce the security features you as a client receive. Over the last 4 years all business cheque orders for CIBC clients would have included the Gold Hologram Foil security feature on both Laser and Manual cheques. As of late however that security feature was removed without warning making your cheques less security and more susceptible to counterfeiting. Not only was the security feature removed but it was removed without any decrease in pricing. So Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce customers now pay a premium rate for a lower security cheque.

In addition to now offering reduce cheque security the number of available background colors previously offered has also dropped for 4 standard background colors down to only 2 available cheque colors. As a cheque manufacturer we feel most customers deserve a better offering then what CIBC can provide.

Our clients have a choice from 10 Standard Background Colors on Laser Cheques / Computer Cheques. And 5 standard background cheque colors for Business Manual / Handwritten Cheques.

We are a Canadian family owned and operated business with manufacturing facilities in Both Alberta and Ontario. Your CIBC cheques can arrive as fast as next business day if you ever find yourself in a Panic for cheques.

If addition to being able to provide faster turn around we also pride ourselves on providing a better value as well.

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Stop buying cheques from your bank or their supplier. You are under no obligation to buy Canadian business cheques through your bank. Financial institutions are in a contract and receive commissions on the cheque orders they place. If you are interested in Reducing your cheque costs, and supporting small Canadian businesses then please consider our company as your future cheque supplier.

We price match between Canada’s two largest Cheque suppliers to ensure that we will save you money by matching the lowest cheque prices of these suppliers. Then we offer all our clients on every single order they place 25% more laser cheques and 50% more manual cheques.

In addition to the savings you receive by getting 25 or 50% more cheques than if you order through your bank, we also increase your cheques security features at no extra cost to you, we even have a hologram gold foil. We offer a higher line of security features than the banks cheque supplier. We have all the same security features including all 5 chemical sensitivities, a hologram gold foil, real watermark, invisible fibers etc. The extra security feature we add is a special heat sensitive ink called Thermochromic Ink. We print a pink thumbprint on the back of our cheque stock in this ink. It verifies your cheque is authentic and much like the hologram gold foil it is also not duplicatable on a photocopier.

If you have any additional questions regarding our company and the savings you can receive on your cheque stock please call us toll free at 1-866-760-2661

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