The cheque is one of the most widely used payment instruments in history. This financial resource, which originated in England more than 200 years ago, has enabled millions of companies to meet financial commitments to their employees, suppliers, and creditors.

Nowadays, with the development of technology and the appearance of electronic transactions, it seems that this mercantile document has lost its protagonism in the industry. However, checks are still the most reliable and used instrument. It is essential to understand the keys why companies should use checks and the benefits that this brings.

Why Are Checks Advantageous To The Beneficiary?

The most significant benefits to the person receiving a check are regarding security. First of all, it is more convenient to receive a mercantile document than an amount of money that can be stolen, or lost. Even if this monetary title is lost, it is easy to block and track. This allows the beneficiary's money always to be safe.

Also, this is a document protected by law. It is an enforceable title that allows the holder the ability to take legal action against the issuer, in case there is a problem with the payment. Finally, if endorsable checks are received, they will allow the payee to cancel other obligations without the need for money.

Why Are Checks Convenient For The Issuer?

Thanks to this payment instrument, entrepreneurs can mobilize large amounts of money to pay their obligations safely, facilitating business. This instrument also serves as a fast credit method. In other words, if at any time you do not have the money to make a payment, you can write a check with a later date in agreement with the creditor.

Checks have security features that allow the company to be identified to the bank and prevent malicious third parties from attacking the company's funds. If the entrepreneurs buy the checks from an excellent supplier such as Print & Checks Now, they can even decide the color of the paper & include the company’s logo, increasing the customization level.

You can also choose between different types of instruments. On the one hand, you can use manual checks, or you can opt for laser checks, which will allow the issuance of a large number of payment instruments using any specialized software. Finally, this instrument enables precise accounting management, keeping the company's finances healthy.

Where Can Companies Acquire Checks?

There are two types of cheque providers in Canada. There are the banks, which will provide the corporate client with the institution's standardized checks. However, the wisest option is to obtain checks through specialized companies such as Print & Checks Now.

This is the smartest option. In addition to customization, you can get the checks at a lower cost, and with other value-added benefits. For example, we match the price of your current supplier and then offer you 25%-60% more checks on your next orders.

Trust The Best

If you want to make your life easier and streamline your financial management using checks, we are your best option. Print & Checks Now is the reference company in Canada, with more than 30 years of experience in the industry. We are a large family business that prides itself on providing top-of-the-line care & quality to its wide variety of satisfied customers. Contact us.

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