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Print & Cheques Now, Inc. is a leading provider of QuickBooks cheques in Canada. Our cheques are compatible with all types of accounting software. They comply with the highest standards in cheque security to help decrease your operating costs and increase fraud control.  Call 1-866-760-2661 to order, or simply use our website to purchase your Quickbooks cheque. 

Quickbooks is a widely used accounting and business software that can help manage inventory, payroll, sales, and other important needs of your small business. You can use it to produce checks for your employees, especially when you have custom laser and computer cheques. High security laser cheques must have features that can provide the best protection to ensure CPA compliance and avoid fraudulent activities. Moreover, you need to make sure that the Quickbooks cheques are compatible with the software. Here are some of the features that your laser cheques should have:
Hologram foil – This is a multicoloured reflective marker that cannot be reproduced, even by colour photocopiers.
Five chemical sensitivities – A cheque must react to certain types of acids, bases, polar and non-polar chemicals, and oxidants. The cheque will have a certain colour of stain to indicate a reaction. Blue indicates a polar reaction, purple or blue for non-polar, turquoise for base reactions, pink for acids, and light yellow for oxidants.
Thermochromic ink – Print & Cheques Now adds this heat sensitive ink using a pink thumbprint on the back of Quickbook cheques. The ink will become temporarily invisible when you touch or breathe on it. Photocopiers cannot duplicate the thumbprint.
Security warning – This verifies the security features of the cheque to deter crime.
Micro print – Lines will appear broken to the human eye, and they typically blur when copied or scanned.
Toner adhesion – Print & Cheques makes sure that the cheques fuses toner on the paper surface, so it is more difficult to change the data by using tape or scraping.
Quickbooks Cheques
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