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Cheques Now / Cheques Direct Ltd
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√ 50% More Manual Cheques FREE
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Wave Accounting (Davis & Henderson)
X Choice of only 4 Background Colors
X $50 Rush Charge
X $15 Logo charge on every order
X Less Security no heat sensitive ink

Convincing Reasons To Change:

  1. Stretch your money 25% further on Wave Acconting Computer Cheques
  2. Stretch your money 50% further on Manual Cheques
  3. Earn AIR MILES® reward miles on every cheque order.
    (Base offer is 1 reward mile per $25, excluding taxes.)
  4. Increase your cheque security features at no-cost
  5. Family Based company with one on one contact
  6. Wider background color selection (Choice of 10 vs 4 colors)
  7. 1 time only logo charge
  8. Rush Service for only $25

Software Compatibility
Our Wave Accounting Cheques are guaranteed compatible with
Wave Accounting, Xero, Simply Accounting, Quickbooks/Quicken/Intuit Supplies and all other software programs.

100% CPA compliant

Over 29 years in Cheque Manufacturing Experience

100% Money Back & Satisfaction Guarantee

Wave Accounting does not have a primary cheque supplier. Wave Accounting is independently owned. Clients using Wave Software, Simply Accounting, Quickbooks or any other cheque software program can purchase cheques from any cheque supplier, but not all cheque manufacturers use security cheque stock buyers need to do their own due diligence when buying cheques for their companies as banks can hold you liable if you do nothing to prevent cheque fraud. Wave Accounting users can print cheques from inside the program and can export details into Quickbooks and print cheques from there.


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