Cheques Now vs. Royal Bank of Canada

Print & Cheques Now vs. Royal Bank of Canada  (RBC)


“Reduce your costs, Earn AIR MILES® reward miles
Increase security features & Enjoy a wider selection of standard colors”

Convincing Reasons To Change:

  1. Stretch your money 25% further on Computer Cheques
  2. Stretch your money 50% further on Manual Cheques
  3. Earn AIR MILES® reward miles on every order.
    (Base offer is 1 reward mile per $25, excluding taxes.)
  4. Increase your cheque security features at no-cost
  5. Family Based company with one on one contact
  6. Wider background color selection (Choice of 10 vs 4 colors)
  7. 1 time only logo charge
  8. Rush Service for only $25

Software Compatibility
Our Computer Cheques are guaranteed compatible with
Simply Accounting, Quickbooks and all other software programs.

100% CPA compliant

Over 29 years in Cheque Manufacturing Experience

100% Money Back & Satisfaction Guarantee

Did you know that the Royal Bank of Canada uses Davis & Henderson for all of their cheque orders? Many bank customers have been under the impression that banks handle the cheque orders internally but that is simply not the case. Royal Bank outsources its cheque production which is also why they don’t have any real control over the delivery times for customers cheque orders. Which can on occasion lead to issues when a customer finds themselves in a panic for cheques. If you find yourself in that situation give us a call. As a manufacturer we have a capacity to print and ship most cheque orders same day and can ship cheques for overnight delivery to most of Canada for a small extra fee.

Order Business Cheques from a supplier other than RBC / Royal Bank of Canada. Our cheques have better security features than you will get from RBC / Royal Bank of Canadas cheque supplier. Plus you will get 25% more laser or 50% more manual cheques than RBC.

We specialize in reducing cheque costs for Royal Bank customers as we can offer a cheque product, at better prices, with higher security features.