Security Features

The security features contained within the cheques you purchase are a vital line of defense against cheque fraud. That is why we not only match the Banks suppliers cheque security features but we have exceeded them.

So not only will you get 25% More Cheques Free on every order for the price you pay now, you will also receive the most secure computer cheques available anywhere in Canada at no extra charge to ensure your business has done your own due diligence to prevent cheque fraud.

Our cheque stock is manufactured by the paper milll to the same specifications as the banks cheque supplier, with a true watermark, all 5 chemical sensitvites, invisible fibers etc. Then just like the bank we internally add the hologram gold foil which is not duplicatable on a color copier, then in addition to that we also add Thermochromic ink which is an ink that fades under heat and reappears after a few seconds.

This feature acts much like the hologram gold foil in that a color copier cannot produce a heat sensitive Ink. This ink itself is extremely regulated. And you may have seen it in use before on Ciniplex Odeans Movie Passes.

100% CPA 2006 Compliant Business Cheques

At Cheques Now / Cheques Direct Ltd we ensure that all cheques we manufacture are
Guaranteed to be 100% CPA 2006 complaint.

To increase your comfort in dealing with our company we are proud to be one of only a few printers in Canada who are members of the Canadian Payments Associations’ “Cheque Printer Self Accreditation (CPSA) Program”. Click Here to be taken to the CPA website

Our Printer ID with the CPA is #1010 as found on their website

As a member of the Cheque Printer Self Accreditation program our cheques
do not need to be submitted to your bank for testing, as we have on site all the same equipment used by the bank cheque clearing houses to verify our cheques to ensure compliance with the CPA 2006 cheque standards.

To learn more about the Canadian Payments Association Click Here

If you have any additional questions about our compliance please contact us directly at

Canadian Payments Association 2006 Cheque Standards

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