Cheques Now vs. Davis & Henderson


You will receive 50% More Cheques for the Regular Price
Order   200    Receive  300    ($54.50 in Free Cheques)
Order   400    Receive  600    ($64.00 in Free Cheques)
Order   600    Receive  900    ($72.00 in Free Cheques)

You will receive 25% More Cheques for the Regular Price
Order   250     Receive 325    ($37.25 in Free Cheques)
Order   500     Receive 625    ($48.50 in Free Cheques)
Order   1000   Receive 1250 ($70.75 in Free Cheques)


Cheques Now / Cheques Direct LtdDavis & Henderson, D+H, D&H
25% More Computer Cheques FREE N/A from Davis and Henderson
50% More Manual Cheques FREE N/A from Davis and Henderson
Earn AIR MILES ® reward milesN/A from Davis and Henderson
Choice of 10 Background ColorsChoice of only 4 Background Colors
$25 Rush Charge$50 Rush Charge (D&H No Guaranteed Delivery Date)
$20 Logo Charge 1st Order Only$20 Logo charge on every order
Highest Security Features in CanadaLess Security - no heat sensitive ink

Convincing Reasons To Change:

  1. Stretch your money 25% further on Computer Cheques

  2. Stretch your money 50% further on Manual Cheques

  3. Earn AIR MILES® reward miles on every order.
    (Base offer is 1 reward mile per $25, excluding taxes.)

  4. Increase your cheque security features at no-cost

  5. Family Based company with one on one contact

  6. Wider background color selection (Choice of 10 vs 4 colors)

  7. 1 time only logo charge

  8. Rush Service for only $25

  9. Software Compatibility
    Our Computer Cheques are guaranteed compatible with
    Simply Accounting, Quickbooks and all other software programs.

100% CPA compliant

Over 29 years in Cheque Manufacturing Experience

100% Money Back & Satisfaction Guarantee
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Print & Cheques Now vs. Davis and Henderson (D+H)

Tired of Paying Bank Prices for Your Cheques?

You have a Choice in Suppliers and we are the only cheque supplier that:
– Guarantees to Reduce Your Costs
– Increases Your Security features at no charge
– And Offers AIRMILES® reward miles.

Attention: Davis & Henderson (D+H) Clients

You are under no obligation to buy cheques through your bank or from the bank supplier Davis & Henderson (D&H).

The reason your financial institution tell you to buy from them is because the banks are in a contract with Davis and Henderson (D + H) and receive commissions on all the cheque orders.

If you are interested in Reducing your cheque costs, and supporting small Canadian businesses then please consider our company as your future cheque supplier.

We price match between Canada’s two largest Cheque suppliers, Davis and Henderson (D & H) & NEBS. We ensure that we will save you money by matching the lowest cheque prices of these suppliers. Then we offer all our clients on every single order they place 25% more laser cheques and 50% more manual cheques.

In addition to the savings you receive by getting 25 or 50% more cheques than if you order thorugh D & H, we also increase your cheques security features at no extra cost to you, we even have a hologram gold foil just like Davis and Henderson. We are currently the only cheque supplier in Canada that offers a higher line of security features than the banks cheque supplier D & H. We have all the same security features as Davis & Henderson(D+H)  including all 5 chemical sensitivities, a hologram gold foil, real watermark, invisible fibers etc.. The extra security feature we add is a special heat sensitive ink called Thermochromic Ink. We print a pink thumbprint on the back of our cheque stock in this ink. It verifies your cheque is authentic and much like the hologram gold foil it is also not duplicatiable on a photocopier. These are the highest security cheques available in Canada more than Davis and Henderson (D & H).

If you have any additional questions regarding our company and the savings you can receive on your cheque stock please call us toll free at 1-866-760-2661 Ext 224.