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Ordering your cheques online can open up a new pathway for easier and better business payment transactions for Edmonton dwellers. If you are worried about its security, you shouldn’t. ChequesNow produce cheques that are just as secure, if not even more than the ones issued by banks.

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How Secure are Our Cheques?

  1. Our materials are the most secure in the cheques printing industry. We use paper mill with the specifications that can also be found in the materials used by the cheque suppliers of banks. The paper mill we use also has the fibers, chemicals and watermark you can find in a bank-issued cheque.
  1. We make use of heat-sensitive ink. Our ‘Thermochromic” ink is unsurpassed by other cheques providers because this is ink that disappears when exposed to heat and appears again after. Color copiers cannot produce this same technique, which will then prevent your cheques from being duplicated.
  1. Our cheques have a hologram gold foil. This is another proof of the authenticity of the cheque. Like the heat sensitive ink, it cannot be duplicated by just a regular printer.
  1. We make use of CPA CSPA printers. Our printer ID is a member of the Cheque Printer Self Accreditation program. With this, you are good to go with your cheques. You don’t need to have it tested by the bank.


These security features are equal, if not better, to the cheques issued by banks. But unlike banks, our cheques are cheaper and easier to acquire. For the same price, you get 25% to 50% more cheques on manual and laser cheques.

Buying your cheques from ChequesNow is the best you can do for your business. With our methods that bring 100% security on your cheques, you can lessen your chances of experiencing fraudulence.

Call our customer service hotline now and decide which type of cheque is best suited for your Edmonton business needs. Go ahead and choose from our array of color options to find the one you need. Use our recurring printing service so you won’t ever be inconvenienced again when ordering your cheques online.

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